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*Damsels will run away from you.
*Damsels will run away from you.
*The Spelunker and Tunnel Man are now enemies who each appear once per run.
*The Spelunker and Tunnel Man are now enemies who each appear once per run.
*[[Tastes Like Spelunky Rock the Ates]]
*[[Tastes Like Booms]]
**[[Tastes Like Ultra Booms]]

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Tastes Like Spelunky
Stable game
Developer Halibabica
Theme Sci-fi
Influences Spelunky
Released Apr 2010 ({{{relver}}})
Updated 2011(?) ({{{updver}}})
Licensing Open Source
P. Language Game Maker language
Game Length
Official site of Tastes Like Spelunky

Tastes Like Spelunky is one of the most popular variants of Spelunky. In TLS, you play as a mantrap, a carnivorous plant enemy from the original game.

  • TLS replaces all of the treasure with various food items which act identically.
  • The ghost is now a chef.
  • Music is different.
  • Olmec becomes "Meatmec", who has a different appearance.
  • Gold bricks, such as those seen in the Legendary City of Gold, are now bloody. This includes Xoc.
  • Udjat eye appears differently.
  • Key is now an oven mitt.
  • New items:
    • Death Mask -- Allows on-the-spot sacrifice of stunned/dead enemies to obtain ropes, bombs, bites.
    • Shuriken -- New weapon similar to the bow.
    • Ninja Suit -- Allows climbing walls and ceilings.
    • Jordans -- Upgraded spring shoes.
    • Grappling hook -- Reusable rope.
  • Bomb Paste now gives a lasso attack rather than sticky bombs.
  • Items cannot be used normally. They need to be eaten to use them -- this replaces any other item you have in that category.
  • Items and stunned/dead enemies can be eaten, using up 1 bite, and either granting powers or health respectively. You can only have one power in each category (weapon, active, passive).
  • Friendly mantraps in the second, third, and fourth areas. These can sell items.
  • Damsel and Tunnel Man are replaced with different colour mantraps.
  • Bounty hunter shopkeepers waiting at the level exit have been removed.
  • Shopkeepers will, however, shoot you on sight.
  • The sun, moon, and stars rooms have been changed.
  • Secret start chamber -- allows starting with any combination of items. Unlockable by getting high scored on the sun, moon, and stars rooms.
  • Enhanced level editor.
  • Water grants bites.
  • Kali grants different gifts:
    • 8: Random item. Cannot be Ankh or Kapala.
    • 16: Kapala.
    • 24: 50 ropes.
    • 32: 50 bombs.
    • 40: 50 bites + removal of eating cooldown.
    • 48,64,80,96...:4-8 bonus HP.
  • Damsels will run away from you.
  • The Spelunker and Tunnel Man are now enemies who each appear once per run.