Tenebrae et Mors

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|licensing = [[Donationware]]
|licensing = [[Donationware]]
|interface = [[ASCII]], [[Graphical tiles]]
|interface = [[ASCII]], [[Graphical tiles]]
|site = https://gym.itch.io/tenebrae-et-mort
|site = https://gym.itch.io/tenebrae-et-mors
|length = ~1 hour
|length = ~1 hour

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Tenebrae et Mors
Alpha Project
Developer gym
Theme Historical, Fantasy
Influences Nethack, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, Darklands
Released 2019 Aug 8
Updated 2019 Aug 12
Licensing Donationware
P. Language C_Sharp
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Graphical tiles
Game Length ~1 hour
Official site of Tenebrae et Mors

A roguelike in the spirit of Nethack, explore the dungeon underneath an Italian villa in the 15th century. The condottiero Perin Nazana has gone mad, locking himself in his massive dungeon containing vast treasure and deadly foes.

Build your character and adventure through over 30 levels.


  • Intricate character builder
  • Tile and ASCII modes
  • Dozens of monsters, artifacts, weapons, and items
  • Summon creatures, convert or bribe enemies to even the odds
  • Item enchantment
  • Potion crafting
  • Autosave on quit
  • Key binding customization


TeM-ss1.png TeM-ss2.png TeM-ss3.png

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