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(Milestone 2 Released!)
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|released = [[2005]]
|released = [[2005]]
|updated = [[2005]]
|updated = [[2005]]
|status = [[Alpha]] (Internal v0.3)
|status = [[Alpha]] v0.3
|language = [[Cpp|C++]]
|language = [[Cpp|C++]]
|platforms = [[Windows]]
|platforms = [[Windows]]

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The Abyss of Nah-Karr
Developer Ddragoon aka John Sanderson
Theme Will probably be Fantasy
Influences NetHack, Rogue
Status Alpha v0.3
Released 2005
Updated 2005
Licensing Closed Source, freeware
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length Not Very Long, An hour to beat?
Official site of The Abyss of Nah-Karr

The Game

ANK is a roguelike game (similar to NetHack or Angband). From the site you will be able to access the forums, recent updates or even code modifications. ANK is my first game that I have ever made in C++. If you wish to you can join the team e-mail me, currently I wouldn't mind a person to help code a 2d graphics engine for animated tiles.


Currently, there isn't much of a story for ANK but it will probably be something allong the lines of ... reach the bottom of the dungeon to kill "The Deamon of Nah-Karr" and get the whimsical gem. I will probably also leave it at a cliff hanger as I want to make an expantion pack (probably on the surface of the world). To begin with, though, there won't be much of a story.


Features I would like to include in the Final Version would be multiplayer (surreal time), surface world, town, wilderness, etc. Think HackBand and you'll get an idea of what i'm thinking :P

Milestone 2: RELEASED!

ANK 0.3 Alpha is now available from the downloads page on the ANK Website. Amongst other things the main new features in this build are colour, a basic inventory and a simple AI. In my next release (some time in november) I will add a more functional Inventory, Pick-upable items, Attacking Monsters and A Final Level! I hope you look forward to it! P.s. sorry about the lack of forums I will install them over the next week hopefully!

Due 1st October 2005


The Homepage is: http://members.lycos.co.uk/nahkarr