The Abyss of Nah-Karr

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ANK (The Abyss Of Nah-Karr)

The new ANK website is now up! ANK is a roguelike game (similar to NetHack or Angband). From the site you will be able to access the forums, recent updates or even code modifications. ANK is my first game that I have ever made on C++. If you wish to you can join the team, currently I wouldn't mind a person to design graphical tiles, a storywriter or a sound and music creator.

Currently, there isn't much of a story for ANK but it will probably be something allong the lines of ... reach the bottom of the dungeon to kill "The Deamon of Nah-Karr" and get the whimsical gem. I will probably also leave it at a cliff hanger as I want to make an expantion pack (probably on the surface of the world). To begin with, though, there won't be much of a story.

Other features I would like to include would be multiplayer (surreal time), surface world, town, wilderness, etc.

The Homepage is:

by Ddragoon