The Favored

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The Favored
Developer guesst
Theme Statistics
Influences Idontexist
Released Mar 13, 2009
Updated Mar 13, 2009
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows,Linux , maybe more
Interface Console
Game Length A couple minutes
Official site of The Favored
The Favored is a coffeebreak roguelike

This was Guesst's (aka Cymon) entry for the 2009 7drl challenge.

Filler Review

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The Favored was written for the 2009 7 Day Roguelike Challenge by Joe Larson. It has simple game play and a very entertaining UI. You assume the role of an adventurer who has fallen in a pit full of giant bunnies. Your only way out of each level is to build a stack of rabbit corpses to climb out. The bunnies are easy to kill so the game sounds pretty simple. No. One bunny on each level is favored by its god who will kill you for touching his prized rabbits. Furthermore the farther you climb out of the pit the fewer bunnies you encounter, making the game more difficult.

The real charm of this game is in the presentation. For an ASCII game, The Favored is beautiful. The introduction and death animations are hilarious and there are over 100 different messages you can get for killing an enemy. All of these features plus the beating chance style of game play makes this an excellent game.