The Sewer Massacre

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The Sewer Massacre
Developer Timofei Shatrov
Theme exploration, coffee break
Influences Dungeon Crawl, ADOM
Released October 15, 2006
Updated November 16, 2006
Licensing GPL
P. Language Common Lisp
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface ASCII
Game Length short
Official site of The Sewer Massacre

The Sewer Massacre was created during Orange October Minigun 7DRL Contest 2006.


The Sewer Massacre combines the best features of the early levels of Dungeon Crawl (when playing a Wanderer) and Small Mountain Cave of ADOM. That means:

  • you die often
  • monsters are generated faster than you heal

In addition:

  • killing more monsters doesn't make you stronger
  • the only way to improve your stats is through drinking various potions.

As you can guess that makes for a pretty infuriating experience. But with a right attitude and careful use of items and dungeon features it is possible to survive.

How to compile

If you want to compile this game on Linux (and perhaps, save others the trouble), do the following.

You need:

  1. CLISP ( - probably you can get it with apt-get or something like that. You need CLISP 0.38 or later.
  2. ASDF: save this file somewhere:*checkout*/cclan/asdf/asdf.lisp
  3. CL-STORE:
  4. CFFI:

Then, start clisp


And enter these commands:

(load "/path/to/asdf.lisp")
(push "/path/to/cl-store/" asdf:*central-registry*)
(push "/path/to/cffi/" asdf:*central-registry*)
(push "/path/to/sewer-massacre/src/" asdf:*central-registry*)
(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op :sewers)

After that it would presumably compile without errors or warnings. To produce a binary enter these commands:

(setf *default-pathname-defaults* #P"/path/to/sewer-massacre/")

It should produce a file called "sewers.exe". Rename this file appropriately for your operating system. The directory should also contain "controls.cfg".