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Angband Variant
Developer C. Blue, Mikael, Adam, Relsiet (Runes), Moltor (Arcade)
Based on MAngband
Theme Tolkien
Updated Jan 01 2011 (4.4.6b)

Official site

TomeNET is a multiplayer rogue-like, somewhat similar to MAngband and ToME. It was created around 2001, as a fork of MAngband which got some ToME design added to it, which was done by DarkGod, Evileye and Jir. Zz, Tanix and C. Blue also contributed code, and after the original development team dropped out one by one over the course of the following two years, C. Blue became the only active maintainer of the project. Two more years later, he formed a new development team which was joined by Mikael and Adam, and later on by infamous Moltor who created a fast-paced arcade shooter variant. In 2009, Relsiet joined the developers when he suggested a detailed plan for a rework of the Runemaster class, of which he has been in charge since then, assisted by Kurzel for testing and balancing it.

The TomeNET servers are hosted kindly by the grace of Fizz, an employee of a french company which provides line capacity, a secure environment and a dedicated server just for the TomeNET project.

The game is one of the most advanced rogue-likes technically, featuring day/night changes, four seasons, weather, sound effects and dynamic background music, and apart from the source code currently offers binaries for Microsoft Windows and Linux.

It is also feared for being quite hard and unforgiving, in which so-called "cheezing" (describes the transfer of money and items from high-level characters to low-level characters without anything in return) will quickly lead to one's demise since it will simply help dulling the target player's skills.

The game has a full-fledged documentation called "The TomeNET Guide", which is a text file available in the ZIP file downloads or as direct download, and also as an online HTML version here