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Stable game
Developer Ludomotion
Theme Fantasy
Influences Brogue
Released Aug 10, 2016 (0.9.0)
Updated Nov 25, 2016 (0.9.19)
Licensing Commercial
P. Language C#
Platforms Windows
Interface Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length 4 hours
Official site of Unexplored



Unexplored is a action based roguelite developed by Ludomotion. It is heavily inspired on Brogue, but features realtime gameplay and brand new dungeon generation technology.


The basic premise of the game is to entire the Dungeon of Doom, defeat the Dragon at level 20, and escape back up with the Amulet of Yendor. The game has all trappings of a roguelike: dungeon crawling fun, unidentified potions and scrolls and perma-death. It is a roguelite because the gameplay is realtime and there is some minor carry over between runs: gold found in a run can be used to buy extra starting equipment on a next run.

The action based melee combat is unique for this game. You are able to equip two weapons. Or equip only one to wield it a higher effective strength. There are many combinations and different foes require different approaches.

The content generation creates relatively small levels, with many lock-and-key style puzzles. Locks and keys might be locks and keys, but the game also uses special gear such as a grappling hook or a staff of blinking to unlock new parts of the dungeon. Some of these puzzles span multiple dungeon floors.

Finally the game has a lot of feed-forward and foreshadowing, allowing you to prepare and plan ahead.

It is still in development, but the game is fully playable: all the core features are present. Projected release is in January/February 2017.

Cyclic Dungeon Generation

The content generator of Unexplored uses cycles as its core structure. This creates very different results than the more common branching paths that are the result of adding (generated) room templates to a growing dungeon. The main advantage of cycles is that they can easily express common design patterns human designers would employ when crafting levels. These templates include hidden shortcuts, or dangerous alternative routes. More about the technology can be found in this online article.

Available on Steam

Unexplored on Steam



Exploring the Dungeon of Doom


Scouting ahead can be vital


As can be stealth...


Facing off a Dire Wolf over a healing pool at the edge of a cliff.


Many different terrains.

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