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David Melik
Alias Darwin
Projects Free/Libre/Opensource roguelike SlackBuilds (Slackware GNU/Linux build scripts)
Games none yet, other than making SlackBuilds for some
Nationality European-American
P. Languages BASIC, C, C++, HTML (CSS, MathML, Wikitext ML,) Java, Perl, PHP, sh (bash, ksh, tcsh,) SQL, TeX, Wolfram, x86 assembly
Official site of David Melik

I am known as Darwin, Elven-king under the sky; I played role-playing games (paper & pencil. Similar video-games are 'role assumption') since 1990, roguelikes since '93, and wanted to make a roguelike since '95 - '96 academic year. I majored in mathematics/computer science (CS,) have a BS CS, and Since 2010 I've just been making roguelike SlackBuilds (Slackware GNU/Linux software build scripts,) which mine and others on are used with software, etc., to build & install software.

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