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Somewhen I listened to the CRE about nethack and was impressed. Then I tried out Nethack but I never made it deeper than Level 3. I still liked the idea of roguelikes.

Then plomlompom inspired me to write a roguelike. That was what I liked. It's really great fun developing small roguelikes.

I started with robot-rogue but my OO-skills were so bad that developing this game was a real pain, so I quitted developing it.

After writing a bit code for roguelikes in Python I started learning C and thought "Let's write a rogue-like to learn C better!".

Then I hacked to together a small roguelike using termbox in one day and called it tinyRL. And it's playable and quite cool! I will extend and maintain tinyRL in the future and someday it hopefully will be really awesome :)

Shortly about me: I was born in 2000 and started programming in 2012. I'm currently living in Augsburg and programming stuff when I'm not in school. Everything else is on my website.

Oh and I wrote a article on How to write a roguelike in German: [1]