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Pardon me, for going all paranoid on your article Comparative study of field of view algorithms for 2D grid based worlds, but the reason of my acting was it's young age and the recent "media discovery" of a new pdf exploit. Being an obvious coincident or simply an unfortunate timing, I still don't see the problem with wikifying the thing and why you would link to a pdf instead, there's plenty of image hosting services aviable on the net.. well I'll be damned, just noticed one can't show off-site images and image hosting here is disabled (also an obvious statement of how experienced I'm with the wikieditting, hah! :p), so err.. this part can be be ignored.. anyway... I understand the problem you're having, with the article, and perhaps why you would be using a pdf, however I still care too much about security/paranoia, so I'll let the notice remain and hope you won't be too much offended by it or by my speedy behavior. Solarnus 19:35, 24 February 2009 (CET)