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Vedor Vidurakis
Alias Vedor, VedVid, Avagart, Elv
Games HumFallRL, NoirRL, Rogue with Purple Heart, Fragility, UnPabloQuest
Nationality Polish / Latvian
P. Languages python
Official site of Vedor Vidurakis

Author of HumFallRL (7DRL Challenge 2013 and later), Fragility (7DRL Challenge 2014), NoirRL (7DRL Challenge 2015), Rogue with Purple Heart (7DRL Challenge 2016) and UnPabloQuest, fork of PabloQuest (ver. 1.2) by Cebollinos.

Medal_7DRL_2013_s.png Medal_7DRL_2014_s.png Medal_7DRL_2015_s.png

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