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ZAngband is a variant of Angband which started in 1994.


ZAngband is one of the most succesful of the countless variants of Angband. Instead of being based on J.R.R. Tolkien's books, ZAngband revolves around the world of "Amber" created by Roger Zelazny (hence the name, which is supposed to mean "Zelazny Angband").

Versions and platforms

Originally created by Topi Ylinen, ZAngband's development has seen a lot of additions to the original Angband game (a wilderness, an OAngband-style combat system, and a totally different kind of balance from the normal game being some of the more notable changes).

The current version is v2.7.4c, released from August 1, 2004, though many people play the current development version, which has had significant changes compared to the previous release. Recently (late 2005), the lead developer Steven Fuerst has returned to ZAngband and it would be a reasonable expectation that development will now speed up.

ZAngband currently falls under the same licence as Angband, though one of the aims of the current development team is to make it entirely GPLable.

It runs on the same wide of systems that Angband does - Unixes, DOS, Windows, and Mac OS X, amongst others.