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Developer supperdev
Theme Science fiction
Influences Doom
Released 15th March 2015
Updated 16th March 2015
Licensing Closed Source, freeware
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length < 1 hour
Official site of STRIVE

STRIVE is a coffeebreak roguelike


You find yourself in a cave filled with enemies. There's no point in staying here! Grab your weapon and head down to kill as enemies many as you can before your inevitable demise!

Collect keys and reach the stairs to go down another floor.

This game was made for the 7DRL_Challenge_2015

It was written in C++ and uses SDL and a bit of Libtcod.


Fight off hordes of enemies! Each enemy has it's own combat abilities.

Use a variety of weapons and items to lay waste to those who oppose you!

Railgun trails, bullets and rockets flying through the air, explosions, gore! All kinds of visual effects for extra visceral combat.

Randomly generated caves, items and horde spawns, keep on your toes!

Who doesn't like boomsticks and chain explosions?