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Developer Corremn
Theme Blood Bowl Fantasy
Influences William Kings Troll Slayer Series, Blood Bowl
Released 2007 Mar 18
Updated 2010 Sep 16 (0.8.8a)
Licensing Donationware, Open Source
P. Language C++, OpenGL, SDL
Platforms Windows
Interface 32x32 24-bit Tiles & Emulated ASCII (but not really supported)
Game Length 20-40 mins
Official site of SewerJacks
SewerJacks is a coffeebreak roguelike

A game inspired by Jervis Johnson's tabletop fantasy football game, Blood Bowl(TM) and William King's Troll Slayer novels. This game was an attempt to convert the Blood Bowl rules into a roguelike. Hence combat is an unique experience for a roguelike, I.e working in teams to get combat assists, pushing enemies into walls, etc.

Take your failed Blood Bowl player down into the sewer depths and seek out fame and glory. Show those team selectors what they are missing. Team up with other ex-footballers to eradicate the filthy vermin found within or go it alone. Pit your skills against chainsaw wielding fanatics, goblin bombardiers, dark elf assassins and goblin-throwing trolls. Ruthlessly destroy the undead or take on the dwarfs, the choice is yours.



By Slash

By winter_mute


  • Various Monsters/Races and Star Players from the game
  • Blood Bowl fighting mechanics
  • Unique player icon set
  • Choose to team up with allies
  • Powerups and Chainsaws
  • 32x32 graphical tiles (plus large icons) or ascii
  • Features 12 Warhammer races.
  • Select to play as many different races and classes
  • Secret Characters to play

Secret Characters

Secret character allow the player to play a somewhat unique character or a class from a race that is locked out. Just enter the secret character name at the name prompt. Secret characters can be found by notes left behind in the sewers.


Rat Pack

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