1DRL Challenge, December 2011

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1DRL Challenge, December 2011 was a challenge proposed by regulars on #rgrd.

The goal was similar to any 7DRL challenge — start and finish making a game in set amount of time. In this case — 24h. The challenge saw 7 participants, of those 3 released a complete game on time.


Choose any time from Thursday, Dec 8th to Sunday, Dec 11th. Use whatever you like (existing engines, libs, code, graphics, sounds), just make the game.



jab: Bilebio

start time: Dec 8th, 20:00 UTC end time: Dec 9th, 14:00 UTC


oddmunds: Cave Santa

start time: Dec 8th, 21:30 UTC end time: Dec 9th, 06:50 UTC

Ssh to topolov.weknowwhatboyslike.com, username and password is “santa”. Started with code from the very unfinished Svirfneblin.

rsaarelm: 1D Dungeon Adventure

start time: Dec 9th, 09:00 UTC end time: Dec 9th, 21:20 UTC

http://jsbin.com/avawik/2/ started from scratch, made the first iteration within 6 hours and tweaked it some more in the evening to make it more balanced and possibly even winnable. Declaring it success.


Ido: Isobob

start time: Dec 9th, 12:00 UTC end time: Dec 10th, 11:35 UTC

https://bitbucket.org/ido.yehieli/isobob started from some existing i/o code. Was too ambitious for a 1drl & failed to produce a complete game :(

Jo: Unnamed Experiment

start time: Dec 8, 19:00 end time: Dec 9, 19:00

Complete failure. Completely out of the scope of a 1DRL. I was attempting to take a real time maze style game I have the source code for and add a procedural dungeon. What I ended up with after a day was complete wack.

magikmw: Echo

start time: Dec 10th, 10:30 UTC end time: Probably around Dec 11th, 23:59 UTC

https://github.com/magikmw/echo Started with my code from ‘FirstRL’. If I had more time to actually code, I guess I’d made it in time.

Tanthie: Shartuul’s Challenge

start time: Dec 9th, 16:00 UTC end time: DNF

Failure; slept 15 hours and the “game” got to be only @ moving on fancily colored dots.


Original Google Challenge Doc

Forum topic at Roguelike Temple forums