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== Announced roguelikes ==
== Announced roguelikes ==

* Gruesome by Darren Grey
* [[Gruesome]] by Darren Grey
* AarrrRL by Todd Page
* AarrrRL by Todd Page
* CrashRun by Dana
* [[CrashRun]]by Dana
* ?????? by purplearcanist
* ?????? by purplearcanist

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2010 Annual Roguelike Release Rarty

The deadline for the 2010 Annual Roguelike Release Party is September 19th 2010. This is the nearest Sunday to 6 months after the 2010 7DRL competition.

Those planning to participate are encouraged to declare their planned releases below, so that we don't all feel too lonely. Announcement is not necessary though - simply release your game or update on the above date to participate.

Announced roguelikes