7DRL Challenge 2013

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The 2013 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge invites developers to produce a complete roguelike game in seven short days. It will be held between March 9th and March 17th of 2013. Register your game now!


  • Rules and FAQ for the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge
  • Announcement from Jeff Lait on RGRD
  • Registration - Registration page for the event, with screenshot uploading and linking to blogs/declaration.
  • RGRD, Backup if the registration page fails.
  • 7drl.org — A community blog for the 7DRL Challenge.
  • [1] - Facebook event page
  • Rogue Temple, where 7DRLs made in this year's challenge will be evaluated.
  • Rogue Temple forums, for general roguelike-y discussion
  • RGRD irc channel, where a lot of the participants hang out during the challenge.
  • London post-7DRL meet on the last evening of the challenge to play each other's games or weep into our beers about failures

Competition tags

On Wordpress, entries are using the tag 7DRL 2013 for related blog posts. On Twitter and G+, consider using the hashtag #7DRL2013 for your competition related status updates. Many people involved in the One Game a Month challenge are making 7DRLs under the Twitter hashtag of #1GAM.

Unity licenses

Unity have offered free one-month trials of Unity Pro to people making 7DRLs. Unity is a popular game-making engine that allows you to export to desktops and mobile devices. If you want a trial code please e-mail darrenjohngrey at hotmail.com.

The Challengers

(See 7drl.roguetemple.com for the new roguelike registration system.)