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All games can be found in one of the following development state subcategories:

  • Talkie Talkie Projects have been talked about to the point where they develop a well known life onto their own. However, no actual release of a functional game has occurred.
  • Alpha Projects are roguelike games which, while released, are not yet playable. This means you should not be surprised if there is no win condition, or no monsters, or things generally go bad after the character creation screen.
  • Beta Projects are roguelike games which, while available to the public, are not yet ready to judged as finished products. Unlike alpha projects, they have progressed to the point where they are fun and enjoyable games if you can handle a few sharp corners.
  • Defunct Games are roguelikes that are both no longer being developed and are not considered finished by the authors.
  • Stable Games are roguelikes that the authors have believed reached a level of maturity that allows them to be judged as games in themselves. Often, development is still ongoing, as roguelikes are hardly ever finished. (Except for those that were developed in a definite amount of time, like Dungeon Monkey and the 7DRLs, of course.)
    • 7DRLs are stable games created within a seven day window.
    • Major games are stable games that have provided significant influence to the roguelike genre.

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