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=== Planned Talks ===
=== Planned Talks ===
* Mario: no topic yet :)
* Mario: no topic yet :)
* JeffLait: Proxy Ploog Presentation

=== Additional Info ===
=== Additional Info ===

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Time:  November 6th - 8th
Chat:  IRC: QuakeNet #rgrd
News:  rec.games.roguelike.development

IRDC Europe

Full Name:  IRDC Europe - Geneva 2009
Place: Geneva, Switzerland
Venue: CERN
Organizer: Mario Lassnig


Planned Talks

  • Mario: no topic yet :)
  • JeffLait: Proxy Ploog Presentation

Additional Info

I will pre-book rooms at the CERN hostel next week. You have to manually confirm with them once you know that (and when) you are coming. More details next week. -Mario

IRDC America

Full Name:  IRDC Americas - 2009
  Konijn: I am willing to go to NYC, Boston, Albany and maybe Montreal in order of preference.
  Konijn: If in NYC I can try to get us into the New York Times building..
  Konijn: If in NYC, I am willing to organize, I am willing to throw a barbecue if people are willing to sleep on couches ;]


  • Konijn, if the place is convenient.
  • BenHem: yo!
  • Felixcat: If it comes by west coast
  • elig: I can go almost anywhere on the west coast of the USA. Also, up to Reno, or down to Las Vegas if needed. I'm in Sacramento :)
  • Saryn: Same as Felix