IRDC 2009

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Time:  November 6th - 8th
Chat:  IRC: QuakeNet #rgrd

IRDC Europe

Full Name:  IRDC Europe - Geneva 2009
Place: Geneva, Switzerland
Venue: CERN
Organizer: Mario Lassnig


  • Ido Yehieli (
  • Mario Lassnig (mario dot lassnig at cern dot ch)
  • Darren Grey (
  • Andreas Dorn (
  • Dirk Zimmermann (me AT dirkz DOTTT com)
  • Patric Mueller ( ?
  • Radomir Dopieralski (irdc2009 at
  • flend (
  • Jeff Lait (jmlait (snail) gmail (thing that oracle now owns) com)
  • Johanna Ploog (jploog AT fu HYPHEN berlin DOT de)
  • Joachim de Groot (jdegroot -

Planned Talks

  • Mario: no topic yet :)
  • JeffLait: Riffs on Roguelike Design - 5 years of 7DRLs.
  • Johanna: present Crawl's survey results


I have reserved 12 rooms for 06.11-08.11 on site at CERN under reservation key "IRDC09". Check out time is 12:00 noon and the rooms cost 58 Swiss Francs per night (that's 38 Euro or 60 Canadian Dollars or 33 British Quid or 55 United States Bucks :)

You have to call the CERN housing service YOURSELF(!) and confirm with them. They will give you further instructions on payment etc... The phone number is 0041 22 767 44 81.

If you want to stay longer or have a better (=more expensive) room, tell the friendly lady on the phone :)

Here's the URL with more information:

NOTE 09/09/21: When I called the reception today, I was told they'd prefer to have the confirmation be done via email, after all. Something about it being easier to remember. (Johanna)


I have a confirmed booking for the conference room as well. It is equipped with a projector, computer and has space for ~20 people.


  • Camcorder: JeffLait (Maybe I'll turn on the gain adjust so we don't have 10 hours of darkness this year?)
  • Tripod: ?
  • <add anything else you can bring or think we need>

IRDC America

Full Name:  IRDC Americas - 2009
  Konijn: I am willing to go to NYC, Boston, Albany and maybe Montreal in order of preference.
  Konijn: If in NYC I can try to get us into the New York Times building..
  Konijn: If in NYC, I am willing to organize, I am willing to throw a barbecue if people are willing to sleep on couches ;]


  • Konijn, if the place is convenient.
  • BenHem: yo!
  • Felixcat: If it comes by west coast
  • elig: I can go almost anywhere on the west coast of the USA. Also, up to Reno, or down to Las Vegas if needed. I'm in Sacramento :)
  • Saryn: Same as Felix
  • Abacus: How about Seattle or Portland? Either way, I vote west coast.