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The International Roguelike Development Conference 2013. A unique opportunity for roguelike developers and enthusiasts to network and discuss their genre in depth. Attendance is free and open to all. Sign up on EventBrite if you plan to attend.


Radomir Dopieralski is organising IRDC 2013 in Poznań, Poland, on 7-9 June 2013.


Registration is not necessary, but it helps to know how many people will come. You can register at and/or enter your details below.

  • Darren Grey: Flying London Stansted to Poznan, arriving 15:25 on Friday and leaving 16:00 on Monday, staying at Ikar Hotel. Email darrenjohngrey at hotmail's thingy.


The conference will take place in the Zoo Coworking Space.



There is an airport in Poznań, POZ, which has connections to Warsaw, Munich, Frankfurt and Duesseldorf. Unfortunately all the flights have to go through one of those cities. You can check the available routes at From the airport you can take one of the buses right into the city center.

There are also trains, including the Eurocity train. You can check your connections at (You want the "Poznań Główny", main station.)

The cheapest route for most of the world would be probably to fly to Berlin and then take a train to Poznań from there.

You can also get direct flights to Poznan from many countries: From London flights from Luton or Stanstead with Ryanair or Wizz Air are very cheap. is very handy for checking routes and prices.


The official currency in Poland is polish złoty (PLN) and it's the only currency widely used and accepted in shops (usually you can't pay in euros or dollars). There is usually no problem using credit and debit cards, but cheques are unheard of here. Currency exchange is possible in specialized places labeled "Kantor", but you can probably also just use the ATMs (at a worse exchange rate). [Debatable, some kantors rip you off royaly. In Prague (Czech Rep) I had better exchange rates at ATMs with polish debit card than in kantors. Probably same in Poland -- Michał Walczak]

Poland is a relatively inexpensive country to live in (compared to Germany, for example). Food, transportation and lodging are rather cheap.


As for the accomodation, there all sorts of hostels and hotels. I'm planning on getting a venue right in the city center, so it should be very close to a lot of good places.

Poznań is a relatively small city, and we will be mostly in the city center, where you can reach most places by foot. We also have a pretty good tram and bus network, you can check information about it at

More information about the city: lets you compare prices and ratings for hotels in Poznan. Ikar Hotel seems like a good budget option in the centre, includes breakfast and wifi at ~$45 a night and it isn't horrible. For the very budget conscious Traffic Hostel is around $10 a night in a 6-bed dorm.