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Alpha Project
Developer magellan (Matthias Mennel)
Theme Science Fiction
Influences Traveller, Starflight
Released Feb 18, 2009 (0.1.0)
Updated Sep 1, 2013 (3.0r160)
Licensing GNU General Public License v2
P. Language FreeBasic
Platforms Windows Linux
Interface Console
Game Length appr. 6 hours
Official site of Prospector

In an unexplored sector of space, humanity seeks to establish a permanent presence. Megacorporations have set up starbases in the region, where they employ freelance prospectors to find exploitable resources and map unknown planets. The player commands a team of these prospectors. Their goal is to explore the unknown systems and bring back valuable minerals, alien artifacts, and biodata... without being killed by hostile life forms, space pirates, harsh planet conditions, interstellar gas clouds, running out of oxygen, and the many other dangers of the sector. Can the player make enough money to retire in luxury, or does a brutal TPK await them?


  • Randomly generated universe, planets and aliens
  • Unique/special planets, some of which pay homage to classic science-fiction
  • 17 Ship types and custom hull designer
  • A wealth of weapons, armor, equipment, and cyberware for team members
  • Squad based combat system
  • Tileset by Deon or traditional ASCII



Alpha Status is still appropriate since there are still discovered and (probably) undiscovered bugs to iron out, and content to be added. Also some things don't work quite like they are supposed to yet. The game is however playable and winable.


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