The Veins of the Earth

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The Veins of the Earth
Beta Project
Developer Zireael, Sebsebeleb
Theme Fantasy
Influences Incursion, D20
Released 2013 Jul 15 (v.0.0.5, beta 1)
Updated 2013 Sep 19 (v.0.0.13a standalone, beta 2.8)
Licensing Open source, Freeware
P. Language Lua
Platforms Windows, Linux, Mac
Interface ASCII, keyboard
Game Length
Official site of The Veins of the Earth

The Veins of the Earth is a module for T-Engine 4.0.1.

The standalone version (T-Engine + module) can be downloaded from The ModDB site downloads come later due to their authorization process.

The game is a playable beta.

Contributors WANTED! The to-debug branch contains WIP code which isn't working properly for some reason. Any help debugging it is welcome!

Just fork the repo, make your changes and then make a pull request back. There's a list of issues (bugs and ideas) available on git, too.

Remember, do NOT include anything that's not OGL (i.e. no kuo-toa or illithids).

Anything that IS OGL - for example, SRD, Incursion, or the D&D Wiki portions marked as Open Game Content - is fine.

Any contributors will be credited in the Readme.

Features currently implemented include:

  • brand-new start-up screen and menu [standalone version only]
  • controls displayed automatically at game start
  • 8 classes: fighter, rogue, mage, ranger, cleric, barbarian, druid, warlock
  • 2 prestige classes: shadowdancer, assasin
  • 10 races: human, half-elf, elf, dwarf, half-orc; drow, duergar, deep gnomes
  • a random name generator, taking into account your race and sex
  • working ECL (Effective Character Level)
  • multiclassing & prestige classes
  • colored character sheet with tooltips displaying rules info
  • randomized unarmed and weapon damage; archery and weapon finesse
  • attack roll & AC & critical hits & offhand attacks & iterative attacks
  • saving throws [Seb]; now take the best of two stats (Dex-Int; Con-Str; Wis-Cha)
  • hp, exp, dungeon level on-screen display
  • inventory & encumbrance
  • spellbook, an iconed hotbar for spells, some 0 and 1st level spells [Seb]
  • armor spell failure chance; key stat must be 9 to cast spells
  • attributes roller before character creation; now guarantees higher stats
  • some monsters up to CR 1; CR displayed in tooltips; monsters drop equipment and corpses
  • feat and skill select [Seb]
  • skill checks and opposed checks, including armor check penalty and racial bonuses; more skill points at first character level
  • skill tests printed to log; max skill ranks implemented
  • most weapons from SRD; magic armors and shields; light sources; amulet of natural armor; cure x wounds potions [Seb]
  • ranged weapons as starting equipment; deep-dwelling races no longer get a torch
  • most melee & skill enhancing feats from SRD
  • working Intuition skill and item identification
  • colored in-game help screen; legend screen
  • stairs have a chance of not changing the dungeon level [Seb]
  • calendar
  • colored tooltips (color-coded relative monster stats and CR); colored log messages;
  • item tooltips
  • terrain effects
  • speed bonuses