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My wiki activity

I mostly edit RogueBasin when I'm too lazy to do work on any project. One of my favourite activities is battling redlinks and expanding articles on somewhat relevant topics.

My project(s)

In my 13 years of computer gaming I have found that the rarest thing in computer games are the mundane aspects of life. To address this, I have decided on creating a roguelike called Bordefaux, a portmanteau of "bordeaux", a darker shade of red, and "faux", meaning "false" in French, to express that this is a roguelike.

My programming

On a day-to-day basis I hack around in JavaScript, doing something more or less "useful". What makes it (currently) my favourite is not the language itself, but its unprecedented portability, even on mobile devices, with jailed execution environments.

I'm also familiar with Flash ActionScript 3, but I've dropped it in favour of open web standards.

I've done a little bit of C and Java programming, but currently I'm not in need of creating PC software.

When it comes to tools, I prefer text editors such as Notepad++ (perhaps I'll learn Vim Emacs someday) for my JavaScript and HTML, and an IDE for ActionScript (FlashDevelop) or Java (Eclipse).

I'm not using any ready-made roguelike libraries (jQuery doesn't count), since I want to brush up on algorithmics.

Current projects