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Angband Variant
Developer PaulBlay
Based on Angband 3.1.1,Angband/64
Theme Fantasy
Released Apr 10 2009 (0.0.1 preAlpha)
Updated Not yet.
Download Windows

Official site

The aim of this project is to produce Angband/64 reborn.

Rather than attempt to update the Angband/64 code directly I have decided to start from the Vanilla Angband code in the SVN repository and change the data (and code where required) to reproduce the Angband/64 gameplay.

Because I'm using GPL clean Angband + My code + (some of) Jurriaan Kalkman's code this should be under the GPL.

I would welcome help, from coders or from normal Angband players, if anyone is interested, write in the talk page.

Current status

This project is on indefinite hiatus while I move my focus elsewhere, to my latest project JBand.

I brought out a 'preAlpha' release with the purpose of finding new bugs, but I found plenty of bugs on my own anyway ;-). The current developmental version in the repository is much changed from the preAlpha release so I suggest getting that or waiting for Alpha1. Bug reports of un-recorded problems are welcome.

Angband/65 is based on the SVN repository of Vanilla Angband that is in development and is usually up to date within a few days. Currently we should have everything up to Changeset 1376 adapted to Angband/65.

Next release

The next release will be the 'Alpha 1' release. It is intended to be 'approximately playable' and you should be able to see an interesting feature or two in play. Projected release date is May 31st, but that may change depending on how things go.

/64 features that should be included ...

  • Tactic and movement types (fast and reckless vs slow and careful, etc.) Implemented in SVN.
  • Different spell system (fingers crossed)

Known issues

I strongly recommend waiting for Alpha1 release.


  • Reportedly 'not possible to move' in Linux. (No confirmation?)


  • Spellcasting classes are not yet supported. Play a warrior type.
  • Items with negative bonuses are generated in the shops (also things like Rings of Strength with +0).
  • Ego items are not being generated in the black market.
  • Angband/65 is based on recent Angband 3.1.1 dev code and so includes Angband 3.1.1 bugs. As Angband bugs are fixed we will catch up and copy those fixes too.

Non-reoccurring bugs

  • Memory problems (segmentation faults) along with game crashes when pressing 'x' or 'y'. This is possibly a compiler issue rather than a code issue.

See also Current list of bugs and planned action items.

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