Approaching Infinity

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Approaching Infinity

A Roguelike Space Adventure, currently in Steam Early Access

Take command of your ship and crew as you explore space, planets, caves, shipwrecks, temples, and other dangerous locations. Find, buy, and sell commodities, equipment, and mysterious artifacts. Defend yourself against aggressive space pirates and hungry planetary denizens. Complete quests for profit, or to change the very power structure of the galaxy!


Graphical and Mouse-driven! Turn-based movement and combat. Multiple major quest lines. Lots of alien races and monsters. Treasure, weapons, defenses, items, upgrades. Commodity trading system already in effect.

What can you do in Approaching Infinity Right Now?

* Explore space, planets, shipwrecks, and star temples
* Fight enemy ships and animated monsters
* Watch your enemies explode!
* Die!
* Collect, buy, and sell items and resources
* Install better equipment
* Accept and complete randomly generated quests
* Get lots of in-game help and instructions
* Search for clues to hidden areas and find powerful artifacts
* Travel through an infinite universe (until you die!)
* Try the new tutorial if you’re not sure how to play!
* Explore the strange desires of 12 alien races
* Hire Officers and choose their skills when they level up
* Use the randomized crafting system for fun and profit
* Design levels that can be played in the game, using the shipwreck editor
* Countless ways to keep playing as long as you want.
* More monsters, planet types, and quest types
* Ancient art and poetry that can be collected.
* A second source of near-endless random quests: S.O.S. Beacons
* Unlockable ship classes
* Monsters with special powers like shield drain, blind, corrode, infect, push/pull, and more
* Soundtrack by @ectogemia
* And great ideas from players and supporters…

Follow the game's development at [1] or follow on twitter @IBOL17