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Featured Roguelike: Caves of Qud

Caves of Qud is a post-apocalyptic roguelike inspired by worlds like those of Dune, Gamma World, and Gene Wolfe's works. It is an open-world roguelike, heavily inspired by ADOM and Omega, providing a world map that combines static and procedurally generated locations with hand-written quests-lines. A two-tiered character creation system where you can play as a "true man" who not only starts with better equipment, extra attribute points, and gain more skill points each experience levels but also lets you choose which Caste you are from, for example The Crustal Mortars of Yawningmoon, "Fuming God-child" will give poison resistance as a perk or you can choose to be a mutant who have fewer attributes and skill points but have access to morphotypes which give either physical and mental mutations or a unstable genome which gives you three random selected mutations that you picked, when you level up there is a 33% chance of gaining those mutations. Physical mutations include claws, multiple arms, and photosynthetic skin. Mental mutations include teleportation, psychic attacks, and time manipulation but as well as positive mutations you can get either physical defects, such as being albino or as much as spontaneously combustion to mental defects such as amnesia , randomly teleporting and having a evil twin that has a small chance of attacking you every time you come into a new location, in order to have more points into the positive mutations or to add more of a challenge. Player need to eat and drink fresh water in order to survive which also ties into the games unique batering system where the currency is 'drams' of fresh, drinkable water which really helps the post-apocalyptic setting and tone. Diffidently give this a try if your a big fan of deep and complex systems