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I've been making roguelikes since 2006, and now, somehow it's 14 years later, and my game, Approaching Infinity[1], is out on Steam Early Access!

(=== I've decided to keep all this outdated information below this line, even though I've done a lot since then ===)

IBOL stays up very late to design and code roguelikes, and the occasional Space 4x.

follow the development of Approaching Infinity here [2] or on twitter @IBOL17

Download v0.0.6 Here:[3]

7DRL Successes:

Roguelike-like: Grail Of The Gods . A Very Simple Dungeon Crawl with pretty graphics . [8]


  • The Merchant Nebula . A Space Trading Game . [9]
  • Space Conflict . A Space RTS . [10]