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The International Roguelike Development Conference 2017. A unique opportunity for roguelike developers and enthusiasts to network and discuss their genre in depth. Attendance is free and open to all, whether developer, fan, enthusiast, academic, journalist, or wandering rogue.


This page is for the European conference on 20-22 October in Novi Sad, Serbia. For other roguelikes gatherings this year see:

If planning to attend please register.



Startit Centar in Novi Sad, Serbia. Miroslava Antića 2, Novi Sad, Serbia

It is a five-minute walk from the city center. The venue used to belong to the national bank, now it is part of Startit organization. The venue is sprawling across 1800 squared meters and has its own pub which will be used for warm-up party.

Stefan "Fanna" Mijucic is a co-host. For all questions and other stuff you can write me at fanna993(at)gmail(dot)com. I am regular on the /r/roguelikes and /r/roguelikedev. My phone number is +381606820119, just in case.

If you plan to give a talk or demo, please fill in this registration form.

If you wish to attend to conference fill this registration form.


  • 20-Oct: Warm-up roguelike party - greet 'n' meet in the Startit Pub that is located on the ground floor of the venue.
  • 21-Oct: First day of the conference - Open talks and demos in the hackspace.
  • 22-Oct: Second day of the conference - More talks and demos in the hackspace. Early in the afternoon we will have a guided tour through Petrovaradin Fortress catacombs.

Booklet & Timetable

Presentations and Demonstrations

Recordings of all talks can be found here:

Put your details below if you're planning on giving a talk or demo.

  • Darren Grey - 'Why We Make Games' and 'Designing for the Meta-game'
  • flend - something on narrative dungeon design
  • Horst - teaching python to children by using roguelikes
  • KUKURU3 - Abusing ASCII in 2017 for fun and profit
  • Srđan Maksimović - Procedural story generation in Shroud of Darkness

Guided tour through Petrovaradin Fortress Catacombs

The tour through the catacombs costs 3€ per person for a group of ten people or more. The tour will take place in the early afternoon on the last day of the conference.

Travel Schedule

Enter your details below if you wish to coordinate with others.

  • Darren: Arriving Friday night, leaving Monday. Staying in Hotel Putnik. (Travelling through Timisoara Airport and renting a car - message me if you're interested in getting a lift! darrenjohngrey-at-hotmail-dot-com)


Some general info: Novi Sad at Wikitravel

Closest airport is Nikola Tesla International Airport (Belgrade, 70km away). Also there is transfer from Nikola Tesla International Airport to Novi Sad.

However you can generally get much cheaper connections through Timisoara Traian Vuia International Airport (126km away) or Budapest Ferihegy International Airport (247km away).

There are also numerous bus connections into the city from many parts of Europe. More details:

Novi Sad is famous for cheap taxi costs (around 3€ for ride from nearly any part of the city to the city center).


Hotel Putnik is close to the venue and has good single rates for B&B.

Fontana is also good accommodation with its own restaurant on the ground floor.

Many other options on or other hotel searching sites.


There will be recordings of the conference talks. Streaming is yet to be arranged.