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Angband Variant
Developer Hansjörg Malthaner
Based on Angband 2.9.3
Theme Fantasy
Released 2010 Aug 23 (
Updated 2010 Aug 23
Download Iso-Angband

Official site


A try to add a graphical, isometric display frontend to Angband.


Development started with the isometric view displayed in a separate window, in addition to the main game window. Later, when a SDL based display module became available, the isometric view was integrated into the main window and replaced the ASCII view.

The first development line ended 2003 with Iso-Angband 0.2.4

Iso-Angband Revived

In September 2009 development picked up again.

Click for full size view.

Since then, a few development snapshots have been released:

  1. Development log, including screenshots and download links:
  2. Bug tracking thread in the feedback forum:

In summer 2010 the codebase was updated from Angband 2.9.1 to Angband 2.9.3 which brings a whole lot of bugfixes and improvements.

Project goals

The current versions focus on a more abstract display style. They try to keep the core characteristic of symbol and color to identify items and monsters, just that the symbol is no longer an ASCII character. It'll be a generic shape - usually a shape that tries to give visual hints of the nature of the thing represented. The ASCII characters had no symbolic meaning, at most had an abstract link, like D representing Dragons. In Iso-Angband this will be a shape of a dragon, giving a visual clue, and colored like in traditional Angband, to give some meta-information about the sort of dragon.

Other than the new display characteristics this is just Angband 2.9.3.


The latest versions of Iso-Angband were made with Angband 2.9.3 as a base, which was recent around 2001. Facing the question to upgrade the Angband core, there was also the question to use a variant with a bigger graphical variety.

Click for full size view.

September 2010 work was started to integrate the iso view with UnAngband 0.6.4a

First results of this work can be found here:

The thread also contains downloads of development snapshots.