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Angband Variant
Developer Jeff Greene (
Based on NPPAngband 8.0.5
Theme Fantasy
Released August 10 2003 (0.1.0)
Updated May 8, 2015 (8.0.5)
Download Official

Official site

NPPMoria is a re-creation and update of David Grabner's UMoria 5.5.2. It was created by using the NPPAngband source code as a starting port. NPPMoria is essentially UMoria 5.5.2 with about 25 years worth of UI improvements. For those not familiar with the Angband UI, this includes:

  • Modern GUI using Qt.
  • Color
  • Targeting (no longer have to line up with a monster to cast a spell or fire an arrow at it)
  • 3 complete tilesets (8x8, 32x32, and 64x64)
  • Much more advanced monster AI
  • Bigscreen mode (not limited to 80x24)
  • Multiple windows (can display information in separate windows such as the character screen, list of visible monsters, etc)
  • Detailed help files
  • Much more legible source code, and edit files for most sets of game information (monster list, object list, player classes, races, etc)
  • Ability to choose from multiple fonts.
  • Ability to use hotkeys
  • Dozens of minor improvements

NPPMoria is a variant of Moria.