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Work in progress: although this list should be complete for version 2.4, please add any disks you find if they are not already listed, especially if a new version of PRIME is released.

This is a list of correct names of programs for use with blank or formatted floppy disks. Incorrect spellings such as "anti virus" will result in a useless corrupted floppy disk which must be formatted again if you wish to try again with the correct spelling.

Since 2.2 you can pick from a list of known program types from a menu. If you try to specify another program that you haven't encountered yet, the above caveat about correct spelling still applies.

Disk list

  • antivirus - checks your floppies and computers for viruses and may disinfect them
  • bug detection - detects bugs in your equipment
  • blank - this will ask you what program you want to write to it, your success is dependent on your programming skill, the correct spelling of names of programs are listed here in this spoiler (an unidentified blank disk will be named "unlabeled")
  • computer virus - creates instability in your computer, causes "Infected" status
  • corrupt - use a reformat disk on this (if unidentified, it will be named "unlabeled")
  • debugging - removes bugged status, can debug itself if you wield it, if optimized can optimizes other items
  • diagnostics - provides info on your character
  • enhance armor - plus or minus to armor (protects and repairs when confused)
  • enhance implant - plus or minus to implant
  • enhance weapon - plus or minus to weapon (protects and repairs when confused)
  • hacking - removes copy protection from software, giving you unlimited uses, can also remove computer viruses, and has functions on at least two more types of items
  • hypnosis - can kill yourself with this at low level if bugged - it makes you (and adjacent non resistant monsters) fall asleep; (also has one more secret usage)
  • identify - identify your equipment
  • lifeform detection - shows location of lifeforms on the level (droids when confused)
  • logic bomb - can make a robot self destruct, provides a -1 to your computer if bugged due to overheating
  • mapping - shows you the layout of the level (and one other secret use)
  • matter compiler - use on space junk and other useless items or doors (but not to shops or you'll piss off the clerkbot) if you can't find junk
  • object detection - shows location of objects on the level
  • operating system - plus or minus to your computer
  • recursive loop - disables computer if bugged
  • reformat - creates an unlabeled disc, requires multiple floppy drives on your computer to use on other disks, can reformat itself, sets your computer to -5 if used on hard drive (there is also a this will happen if it is bugged)
  • transportation - teleports you, the chance of controlled teleport increases with optimization
  • resident antivirus - installs antivirus software on your computer that works automatically
  • Smart-Disc recall - sends a signal telling Smart-Discs to go back to you (but what is a Smart-Disc, hmm?), never expires
  • spam - steals your money; if debugged, will prompt you before taking your money, just say no; supposedly can list products that are for sale by a shop on that level
  • warp tracer - can be used to locate, or follow someone who has used transportation


In game notes on hacking:

  • debugged code is easier to comprehend than buggy or optimized
  • it is better to know if the disk is infected beforehand
  • even if you know about it, virus code makes things harder
  • it helps to know what kind of program you are modifying
  • an infected editor sure is going to mess up
  • drinking and programming is almost as bad as drinking and driving
  • badly screwed up modifications may actually introduce bugs
  • hacking a Smart-Disc recall floppy is possible, but the copy protection already allows unlimited usage anyway

Programs that have you shouldn't expect to successfully crack - hacking, matter compiler

Programs that have you shouldn't expect to successfully write - hacking, resident antivirus, matter compiler