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Angband Variant
Developer Leon Torres
Based on Angband 3.0.5
Theme Fantasy

[ Official site]

Quenta is a non-existent project that never produced any code, and there have been no mentions of it since April 2005.

Things are developing fast on my end. These specs can change over time.

This will be the name of my variant. Ideally, I'd like to start with ToME 3 and its engine, but I can't wait. So I will start with Vanilla Angband 3.0.5 and start refactoring nasty old code into a new future-friendly format. This is partly as an exercise to know the code and also as a way to resolve the license issues surrounding Angband. All new code will be GPL'd with perhaps an LGPL exception for other roguelikes that have open code.


  • Generalized dungeons: Sets of dungeons are called Areas which link to each other in a many-to-many fashion. This allows for any kind of world model, including overland maps with multiple dungeons.
  • Fractal patterns: The feel of the game will be enhanced by fractal patterns to make natural looking terrains, monster AI, treasure drops, etc.
  • XML config: replace the *_info with xml using expat.
  • Text-mode only: graphics can be added easily, but Quenta is a RL game where the most sacred cow is the text-mode nature. This is good for blind people too, let's not forget them. :-)
  • Large dungeon sizes: Since fractals need processing power, Quenta is not for old systems. This lets us have large and varied dungeon sizes.
  • Unicode support: A rich RL needs a rich set of characters to represent objects. Thus, unicode support.
  • Generalized Bindings: I would prefer to avoid the pitfall of using Lua only as a binding. Bindings should be pluggable, just like Terminals are pluggable depending on architecture. However, this won't be implemented anytime soon.
  • Out with the old, in with the new: As a rule, Quenta will be abandoning legacy cruft that hinders development
  • Because of Fractals, support for int-only archs will be dropped. We need floats.

For now, the code is pre-alpha as I work in the framework for development, namely the refactoring to allow orthogonal development so we can have new files that are (L)GPL only. Once the ball is rolling, I'll set up a project using subversion (or perhaps git) somewhere and open up development.