Skills Angband

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Skills Angband (Sangband)
Angband Variant
Developer Leon Marrick, Joshua Middendorf
Based on Angband 3.0.6; Oangband 0.5.0
Theme Fantasy
Released 20 Jul, 1998 (0.9.5)
Updated 8 Oct, 2010 (
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Official site

Sangband is a dungeon adventure game, a variant of Angband, which is a variant of Moria, which is a descendant of Rogue. Its primary inspiration is the works of J. R. R. Tolkien, among the greatest wordsmiths in the English language.

Intense character development: That's what Sangband's all about. You delve deeper and deeper into the Pits of Angband, gathering the skills and equipment and learning the battle wisdom necessary to seize the Iron Crown of Morgoth, wrath-blackened cage of the Silmarils. Dreadful opponents bar your path at every stage; kobold darts and trollish boulders, basilisk stares and dragon-fire, warrior steel and magician's cunning - you must defeat or dodge it all!

There are many ways to die. There are as many ways to win. The choices you make among the skills, the plunder from vaults and fallen foes, the objects you forge, your growing tactical prowess - all will shape your adventure. Will you take the Oath of Iron and learn the most powerful warrior arts? Will you stand staunch for the light - or choose the way of blood and necromancy? A Shadow Paladin, a Magic Engineer, a Loresmith, a Skirmisher - all can topple the Dark Lord from his dark throne.

Sangband is a skill-based version of Angband. Instead of leveling in a pre-chosen class, you advance your skills independently of each other, which can lead to a wider set of possibilities than classes with levels.

There are four magical realms: Wizardry, Priestly, Druidic, and Necromatic. Each player may choose from six oaths, or play without one. There is an oath for each magical realm (Oath of Sorcery, Covenant of Faith, Yavanna's Fellowship, Black Mystery), a warriors oath (Oath of Iron), and a burglar's oath (Burglar's Guild). Combat in Sangband is similar to in Opinion Angband, where damage is multiplicative rather than additive, which increases the value of heavier weapons. Also, there are two types of unarmed combat - wrestling and karate, with their own unique abilities. In addition the the items you find in the dungeon, certain skills allow you to craft and create your own legendary artifacts to aid you on your quest.

The skills in Skills Angband are Swordsmanship, Clubbing, Jousting, Bow, Crossbows, Slings, Throwing, Wrestling, Karate, Spellcasting, Magical Power, Wizardry, Holy Alliance, Nature Lore, Blood Dominion, Burglary, Perception, Stealth, Disarming, Dodging, Spell Resistance, Weaponsmithing, Bowmaking, Armor Forging, Alchemy, and Magical Infusion.

Refreshing and uniquely paced gameplay among 'bands.