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First 4DRL Challenge, October 2010

Make a (or mod, or finish a previously abandoned) roguelike game in 4 days!


Pick 4 consecutive days between 22/10/10 (Friday) to 27/10/10 (Wednesday).


Use whatever you like (existing engines, libs, code, graphics, sounds) but mention what you used at the end.


  • ido + nefD: js/html/css, starting from an existing unfinished game.
  • rsaarelm: Something with Factor.
  • humasect: Haskell+libtcod or Lisp+css3
  • jice: TreeBurner - C++,libtcod. using "the cave"'s code-base
  • ohai
  • Kalantir: C++ with pd/ncurses. From scratch Unable to participate due to interview prep
  • Darren Grey: FreePascal, new game
  • sokercap: Flash or XNA
  • linux_junkie: Zombie Swarm - Lua + libtcod
  • sofuture: failing the '4 days' part, but here in spirit -- Erlang/cecho(ncurses)
  • Wally: C++/LibTCOD. Might be recycling some code that I have currently.
  • purplearcanist: AchronalRL. Python. Using libtcod, but may recycle old code.
  • Whales: C++, curses. Going to write a fresh engine, albeit a simple one.
  • jab + derrida: Common Lisp, brainstorming.
  • Nolithius: ActionScript 3, using Dance of Death's code-base.
  • Josiah + Jeremy: C# all brand new code. Started 22/10/10 ~7pm, Finished 25/10/10 11:46pm (Weekend presented other things which left little time to work on the game, many features were unable to be added/completed)
  • Samel: not sure I'll manage to enter. c + ncurses.
  • Joshua Day: Freehold, village defense in the vein of Jakub Debski's Settlement -- C, lua, opengl. long-term engine; game from scratch. Sun - Wed (cst)
  • Daniel X. Moore + condr: Probably a simple one using HTML/CoffeeScript on http://pixie.strd6.com/developer/apps platform
  • Normandy: Some unfinished Java console rendering stuff
  • Jaldhar: "So You Think You Can Dance...ON MY GRAVE?" (C++/ncurses/Linux) Sun - Wed
  • mirrormatch:C++ & curses - sat midday - tues night (finished, source @ http://github.com/mirrormatch/4drl )
  • InaVegt: Python + libtcod, using a premade cave generation engine
  • Stoney: FreePascal/Lazarus, new game, premade engine

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