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The 2015 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge invited developers to produce a complete roguelike game in seven short days. It was held 7th to 15th March 2015.


Competition tags

On Wordpress, the tag 7DRL 2015 was used for related blog posts. On Twitter and G+, the hashtag #7DRL was used for competition related status updates.

Success (126)

This list is sorted by the average rating given by the Committee board

  • Seven Day Band by Jeff Lait
  • Rogue Space Marine by Brett \"TheSleeve\" Gildersleeve
  • RoyaLe by Flend (and ShroomArts)
  • DUMUZID by jere
  • FireTail by Darren Grey
  • SEVEN CELL by Ian Snyder
  • Dead Blinger by Aaron Steed
  • Here Be Dragons 2 by watabou
  • Into the Darkness by Tim Saunders
  • Lost Valkyrie by Andrew Wright (@roocey)
  • RUNNER_PUNCHER by Trystan Spangler
  • Fern Gully 3: Hexxus-quest by hi / winner
  • Rollgue by Anton Hand
  • Space Hellion by Paul Jeffries
  • The Promised Land by Snail_Man
  • Academy Rogue by psy_wombats
  • Fall Girl by Ise
  • Phage by Risto Saarelma
  • Chitinous Crooks by Matt Walsh
  • Quaff by Jonah Roux
  • A Rogue Harvest by AquaTsar
  • Beware the Space Bears by Tapio
  • Goblin Gold by James McNeill
  • Heavy Axe by Heroic Fisticuffs!
  • Second Stepper by Patrick Kenney
  • Synthesizer by graspee
  • The Dungeon by Engin Mercan
  • Warden's Duty by ondras
  • Edwin's 7DRL 2015 by Edwin DeNicholas
  • lightless (and library rl.js) by Scott Grant
  • STRIVE by supperdev
  • The Chase by Lachlan Kingsford/Wade Dyer
  • Combat Chess by rust
  • Feeding Frenzy by IBOL17 (Bob Saunders)
  • MineClimbeR(L) by Jeff Ripley (666v4nz)
  • Roguelikeishness by Mike Stout
  • Six Way Wanderer by Michael Wynne
  • Sneak by Spferical
  • Anoxic Depths by Kevin Harris
  • Dusk of a Shattered Kingdom by stewsters
  • Eientei by bakabbq
  • I'm the Burglar by handCraftedRadio
  • Rogue Sector by Adam Perry
  • ducksoup dungeon by Richard Lems
  • Forlorn Four by Richard Schneider
  • knock-down drag-out by steev
  • Rogue AI by Numeron
  • Salvage Crew by Jonathan Brodsky
  • Conservation of Ninjutsu by Chiguireitor
  • Loguerike by ratking
  • Monster Supremacy by Omar Mustardo and Brian Stottler
  • Please the Island God by plomlompom
  • Ponzu by horaguchi
  • Scattered Dungeon by Patrick
  • Deathdealer by Geek of Geek & Dad
  • Heart of Morning by thp
  • Huge by Patrick Lipo
  • Hurt Yoghurt by ArchBang
  • XENOWARS by purestrain
  • AAPA2 by John Keyworth
  • Down There by Marco Giorgini
  • Garbage In Garbage Out by Jonathan Whiting
  • Isometric ASCII Roguelike by Metaldemon
  • No Way But Down by ccapo
  • Omicron by Michael Trupkin
  • That's okay, you've got explosives. by Kevin van der Velden
  • Vamps N Wolves by Thom Robertson
  • Stygian Abyss by Team Krash (Kram+Slash)
  • Theseus by hilbert90
  • Booty Seekers by Team Toasty Pants
  • cboy by edvb54
  • Cinnamon Fins RL by rubybliels
  • Die Rogue by Rarykos
  • Evig Vinter by Andrew Stewart
  • Goblin-COM by skeeto
  • I Need To Go by DogShitEmpire
  • Infinite Energy by Jacob White
  • little warrior by kyle
  • Never To Tell by Niall Moody
  • RobberyRL by Team Kalamakkara
  • Stay Strong by Ashley Pringle
  • Void Sanctum by P?l Trefall and Alan Charlesworth
  • Rogue Caravan by Ian Andersen
  • Copy Frogue by Cap Petschulat
  • Famine Rogue (working title) by danyoutohell and barkeegan
  • Gore Grounds by Badscribbler
  • High Tech Survival by Konstantin 'Xecutor' Stupnik
  • KORZ-RL by Vincent
  • Nebulous Infinity by Virtually Competent
  • NoirRL by VedVid
  • Outlaw Space by Team Escalation Studios
  • SalvageRL by Arowx.com
  • The Hero Usually Dies by David Smit
  • Ardennes by Lone Spelunker
  • Cloak & Tower by interdimensional_ and neurotic pastures games
  • Evil Robot Basement Cleaners by Found Time Games
  • RNG by dashrava
  • RoguePac by Legend of Angband
  • To the West by Df458
  • Challenge Accepted RL by José Orlando Correia
  • D[e]ad: Trading Card Rogue Like by CEET 7DRL Team 2015
  • High Upon The Mountain by Oreyn
  • TradewarsRL by mad sorcerer
  • Alien World by Dennis
  • Chess+ by Alic Szecsei
  • Cipher Trials by CaptainKraft
  • Curse of Dry Hills by jlv
  • Randomized Action Arena by Steve_Yorkshire
  • RogueMan by Kristian Pilegaard Jensen
  • Transfix by Pink Koala-Tea
  • UNRoguEALike by Gabriel Veiga
  • Cadaver Country by Andrew Perrin
  • Rhyacian by Lokathor
  • Space Scavenger by WetDesertRock
  • Sting Quest by Gravity Games Interactive
  • DOWN, DOWN, DOWN by Luke Whiston
  • Hebrac's Dungeon 2015 by Thjalfa
  • Rogue For Hire by Alex Midgley
  • Roli by David Blosser, Pamela Vargas
  • Gem Acquisition Operative by Jason Pickering
  • Koobas by wasar26
  • R@gueX by Satvik Borra
  • We have a Bug by Escort Studios
  • You Only Have One Dog by 0Bennyman
  • Zoo Tycoon RL by erlehmann


The reviews for all the entries can be found here: http://roguetemple.com/7drl/2015/


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Winners may proudly display the medal on their homepage or their RogueBasin user pages. Failures may only look on with envy...