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Cats is ambiguous between meaning feline animals in general or the domestic house cat. Either is suitable as a source of roguelike encounters.

In a game that uses pets, a house cat would be a typical starting pet.

Wild cats such as lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, panthers, lynxes, bobcats, etc. are fairly common roguelike monsters. These animals tend to be quick predators with a combination of biting and clawing attacks.

The house cat should not be ignored, however. While a modest encounter in terms of combat threat, the cat is associated with magic use and could be given some special game abilities as a familiar. They might be given the ability to see invisible characters (an ability of their larger cousins might also be given).

In the ADOM community cats are a frequent source of frustration because there is incentive to keep them alive even though they are often hostile.


Mostly found to be member of [f]eline category. Sometimes roguelike cats comes as f of different colors. Bigger ones can grow to upper case (F), beware!