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Angband Variant
Developer Austin McDonald
Based on Angband 3.1.0
Theme Fantasy
Released Apr 10 2009 (0.1)
Updated Apr 12 2009 (0.2)
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Craftband is an Angband variant that allows players to craft their own magic items. Crafting materials are extracted from existing items, with higher quality items producing better materials. Hit "O" to start crafting! Combining materials according to recipes allows you to create new items. The quality of the created item depends on the qualities of the materials. After creating the item, you are given a number of "quality points" to use to customize the item by adding sustains, resists, slays, brands, etc.

Different classes will receive different crafting bonuses, in the form of extra quality points. Warriors will receive weapon and armor crafting bonuses, Rangers get launcher/ammo bonuses, etc. Craftband also introduces a new Artisan class. The Artisan class has medium combat abilities and no spells, but gets large bonuses to all crafted items. He makes up for his combat deficiencies by using better quality items than other characters at his depth.

Visit the wiki on the homepage for more design notes and to leave feedback!