Crypt of the Dungeons

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A short roguelike made for a halloween game jam.

THE GOAL OF THE GAME Get to the bottom of the tomb and leave with as much treasure as possible Leave out of the stairs up when you are done. Your motives may change during the course of the game Everything else is an item or something that may want to kill you

There is a bottom to the dungeon

Controls j - move down k - move up l - move left h - move right y - move up left b - move down left n - move down right u - move up right Walk into enemies to attack them t - talk or shout i - open your inventory g - get something off the ground z - wait a turn c - character info enter - use stairs

while in the inventory screen use letter keys to use items mouse over things to see what they are

Tips! Use diagonal movement, you will be at a disadvantage if you dont Run away from stuff that might kill you Upgrade your weapons and armor when you can (you can compare gear by equipping them and looking at your character screen) Eat stuff off the ground but be smart about it, watch your health to see whats good and whats bad The tomb shifts whenever you go to a new level, even if you go back to the level you just came from, use this to your advantage Magic mapping scrolls are very useful for when you need to escape monsters