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Angband Variant
Developer Roger Norris
Based on
Theme Fantasy
Released April 20 2010 [v1.0]
Updated June 19 2010 [v1.5]
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Cryptband is a fast-paced variant of Angband. The goal of the game is to kill Count Orlok who lives on level 20 of the Crypt.


Cryptband aspires to be a quick game which encourages players to dive and take risks. The crypt is only 20 levels deep, making the game significantly shorter than vanilla Angband. Gameplay mechanics have been adjusted to facilitate shorter game lengths and to emphasize progression deeper into the crypt:

  • Characters gain XP by going down stairs to the next level rather than by killing monsters
  • There are no up staircases
  • There are no stats (STR, CON, DEX, etc...) and therefore no need to improve stats
  • Players can only return to town once per level, and only by finding a portal
  • Maximum HP does not increase when gaining levels
  • HP does not regenerate in the dungeon. Don't fight monsters when you don't have to!

The game is currently in public beta. It is fully playable, but a few planned features haven't been finished yet.