Curse Of Yendor

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A sword and sorcery adventure where your magic shapes the world. A Classical rogue-like with a modern feel. A challenging RPG with clear goals and important tactical decisions. A deep experience that's easy to use. Kill monsters, get loot, solve puzzles, complete quests.

"The Curse Of Yendor" is a rogue-like adventure about tactical combat, saving your mentor, terrain deformation, collecting loot, and completing mini-quests.


  • Explore vast procedural dungeons, forests, swamps, and towers
  • Dig through walls, burn trees, freeze rivers, and cause earthquakes!
  • Defeat powerful adversaries
  • Complete mini-quests on each floor to gain permanent rewards
  • All classes can cast spells and use all weapons
  • Solve puzzles to unlock unique artifacts
  • Total support for keyboard and mouse control
  • Deep tactical combat with complex vulnerabilities and resistances
  • Now On Steam!