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Angband Variant
Developer will_asher
Based on Angband 3.0.9e
Theme Fantasy
Released Dec 13, 2007 (v1.0.02)
Updated Apr 12, 2012 (v1.3.5)
Download [1]

Official site

Purpose of DaJAngband:
To add flavor and character to vanilla Angband. This is done mostly through redoing the monster list and making changes to classes, races, and magic. See the DaJAngband Readme.txt on the website for more detailed lists of changes from vanilla.
variant creator & maintainer: will_asher
(includes an old version of Eddie Grove's patch)

New version 1.3.5: See readme for 135 on the website or: this post for the changelist. (The readme is available as a separate download on the website).

(Note: The zip file in the download includes both the source code and the windows executable which use the same lib directory. If there is a problem with packaging it this way, let me know. Otherwise I'll do it this way 'cause it's more convienent for me.)

Previous version 1.3.2. v1.3.2 is mainly a bugfix update of 1.3.0 with a couple other very minor tweaks.
v1.3.0 has a very long changelist which is available in the readme file. A few highlights are: Tracking origin of items, cavern levels, ego grenades, effects of monster size, monster resistance levels, lots of other changes, and of course, more bugfixes.

Previous version 1.2.3. Several tweaks in this version including: stuff that affects level feelings, scoring system, some spells, monsters vs jammed doors, clairvoyance activation, trap disarming (now gets harder with depth), chest drops improved and now sometimes a special chest is placed inside nests as a reward, and number of monsters summoned by summoning spells.

v1.2.2 is a bugfix update of v1.2.1 which is a bugfix update of v1.2.0. New features of 1.2.0 include mimmics which can actually be mistaken for objects, monsters which return to life, statues, exploding ammo, and game time displayed in seconds, minutes and hours instead of game turns (1 game turn = 1 second).

1.1.2 adds the character history & notetaking feature from NPPAngband.

Major differences from Vanilla Angband:

  • redone monster list, including more uniques from Tolkien's works and removal of Farmer Maggot (why kill good old Farmer Maggot?).
  • selling to shops is turned off by default, replaced by more gold found in the dungeon. In Eddie's Patch, there is no selling to shops, but I decided to make it a birth option.
  • more spell realms (currently 6 with plans for one more).
  • weapons are partially redone, weapon weight is a factor of cost. (because of how easy it is to get multiple attacks.) No range weapons with a multiplier of x3 or x4 are carried in the town stores (which means no long bows or light crossbows, but there is a new kind of crossbow which is x2).
  • more varied attack effects, timed effects, and stuff like that.
  • infravision is gone and replaced by character alertness and monster stealth.
  • more interesting dungeons with empty vaults, more room designs, variable sized monster nests, trees, statues, water, etc.

Major differences that come with Eddie Grove's Patch included in DaJAngband:

  • Removed selling to shops and increased the value of gold in the dungeon. (But I re-added selling to shops as a birth option, see note above).
  • New command to restock a store for the cost of all items for sale
  • Show charges on aware wands and staves without identify, and give automatic identify on weapons and armor which psuedo as average. Also allows psuedo-id on jewelry.
  • Pseudo of artifact automatically identifies it
  • Show numbers rather than ratings on the 'C' character page
  • improved squelch from vanilla 3.0.9
  • Notice obvious effects when wielding unidentified objects. New pseudo level "Splendid" meaning obvious bonuses when wielded (replaces special pseudo and partially replaces excellent)