Mike's Adventure Game

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Mike's Adventure Game
Stable game
Developer Mike Teixeira
Theme fantasy
Influences Rogue, Hack
Released 1988 (?)
Updated (?)
P. Language C
Platforms DOS
Interface Color ASCII text
Game Length unknown
Official site of Mike's Adventure Game

MAG is a visual adventuring game where you (our hero) must delve deeply into an ancient, abandoned dungeon. There you must seek out the magical Sudbury Sapphire and return safely back to the surface with it. It is somewhere between the complexity of the original rogue and that of hack. It does not have special levels, pets, or shops like hack, but unlike rogue, (and like hack) , monsters have similar abilities to the player, such as the ability to use items or stumble onto traps. The monster names are also different from those of rogue. Like the PC version of rogue, it uses the extended character set to produce "pseudo-graphics".

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