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For a list of games by Theme, see List of Roguelikes by Theme.

Mythology and folklore

Historical and pseudo-historical


Science fiction

Other (the unusual, the crossovers, the hard to classify)

  • Alien planet where battle is sex to submission by orgasm
  • Anime themes
  • Antarctica (penguin based?)
  • Atlantis has resurfaced. Explore.
  • Cartoon based
  • Completely new world "as little related to ours as possible"
  • Dimensional crossover (mixing themes)
  • Dream world: may be used as a solo idea or in conjunction with another world concept
  • Escape from Hell (after arriving via clerical error)
  • Furry (any other theme, but races are anthropomorphic animals)
  • Highlander (set in present day or progressing through a series of temporal settings) [note: would not be hard to change the premise a little to create a new semi-immortals battle across history background]
  • Indiana Jones style archaeological digs
  • James Bondesque (or Austin Powersesque) "spy" adventures
  • Jungle Adventure
  • Lost Valley (PC explorer from modern times, Victorian, 1920's etc.)
  • Modern Covert Ops
  • Pimp roguelike (and yes, that's pimp in the literal sense)
  • Pulp Adventure
  • Rescue Worker: could be fantasy, modern or sci-fi setting, but your job is to deal with crisis situations and rescue people, animals, and property. For instance play as a firefighter
  • Shakespearean Roguelike
  • Sports (including futuristic or fantasy): try a career as a jockey, a charioteer, a stock car driver,zero-gee soccer/football [note: this would be a difficult theme to pull off, IMO, but doable]
  • Superheroes
  • The Quest to Get Laid: Probably modern, seek out and explore strange new sex partners; requires parental warning label (sex could work, romance elements could be used in a roguelike, but can't be central because sex is the mechanics, romance is too intangible for the RL world to adequately handle)
  • Underwater: alien (create your own exotic realm of the deep)
  • Calvinball: the Roguelike

Some of these ideas can be combined, others are obviously incompatible.

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