Greek Mythology

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For a bunch of ideas on this topic, it is worth looking at the notes that were developed for the now-defunct GREEKIE project. Someday maybe I'll do a real write up here, but for now, here's a mythological alphabet.


The "Roguelike Alphabet" section of my theme features is meant primarily for those using traditional ASCII graphics where monsters are represented by letters, but even if you are using tile graphics, they are a resource for filling out your game's population.

  • A Amazon, Achaean (Greek)
  • B Bull, Boar, Barbarian, Bird
  • C Centaur, Cyclops, Chariot, Cretan, Celt
  • D Demi-god, Dragon, Dog, Dryad
  • E Egyptian, Etruscan, Ethiopian
  • F Fury, Faun
  • G God, Greek, Gaul, Ghost, Giant, Gorgon
  • H Horse, Human, Hero, Hecatoncheire, Harpy, Hamadryad
  • I Ionian, Immortal
  • J
  • K King
  • L Lion, Limoniad, Limniad
  • M Minoan, Monster, Minotaur, Maenad
  • N Nymph, Naiad
  • O Olympian, Oracle, Oread
  • P Poet, Phoenician, Prince
  • Q Queen
  • R Reptile
  • S Satyr, Silenus, Sailor, Scythian, Serpent, Siren, Sphinx, Slave
  • T Titan, Trojan
  • U Underling
  • V Viper
  • W Woman, Wind, Wolf
  • X
  • Y Youth
  • Z Zephyr