GREEKIE: First Round

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Bouncers Ring

The following 9 persons form the Bouncers Ring


The poll has finished, and the first doc is ready. I see a clear majority in most of the crucial topics, so let the "game" begin!

The turn order for the first bounce round, as determined by the almighty RNG is the following:

  • Ethaniel (Greece)
  • ABCGi (Australia)
  • Slash (Colombia)
  • John Zaxaridis (Greece)
  • Meldokios Dragon (Greece)
  • Filip Dreger (Poland)
  • Kornel Kisielewicz (Poland)
  • Tomasz "Warui" Nowakowski (Poland)
  • Markus Stehr (Germany)

For this very first round, we will use the "send document by email" rule, so please read the following carefully:

  • Please try to check your email daily
  • Uppon receiving the mail with the subject: "GREEKIE BOUNCE # (x), ROUND 1", where x is the sequential number of the bounce that must increase with every email pass, you have 2 days to read the doc, modify its contents and add new things.
  • When two days have elapsed *since you got the document*, you must bounce it to the next developer in the ring, refering to this post if you have doubts about the bounce order. This is done to prevent time zone conflicts.
  • The transfer format you use is up to you; plain txt file or html single page are adviced.
  • In order to control the "game" and prevent conflicts, you must add the address "java.koder at" in the CC field every time you pass the doc to the next bouncer.
  • And remember, have fun writing the doc!

Happy bouncing! :D