Gileba Angband

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Gileba Angband (GilAngband)
Angband Variant
Developer Gileba
Based on Vanilla 3.0.5
Released Sep 08, 2004 (0.1.0)
Updated --
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GilAngband incorporates some things from EyAngband and includes Monster Lite patch by Andrew White. Changes in this variant that are not application of a patch are relatively minor: tweaking of default options, reordering monsters in edit files and removal of unused flags and object types. Door to player home is represented by regular "+" instead of "8". Gileba Angband had only one release.

Author writes on Thangorodrim variant page:

I'm not sure yet in what particular way this variant will grow, but I think i will emphasise on enhancements that either make the game itself more enjoyable (such as the squelch-patch) or more realistic (such as the "monster-lite patch" and the "artifact memory-patch"). Any ideas are welcome, though I'm pretty new to programming in C so I can't promise I will be able to implement it. I will always try if I like the idea, off course.