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graspee leemoor
Alias none
Projects none
Games splitter sucker synthesizer
Nationality British
P. Languages C++ c#
Official site of graspee leemoor

Graspee Leemoor is a fictional pangolin. He holds and sometimes fondles degrees in Psychology, Classics and Computer Science. Graspee has been writing games since 1983, most of them rubbish. He started in BASIC on the ZX Spectrum, then Amstrad CPC, then game-creating tools like STOS and GFA Basic on the Atari ST, AMOS on the Amiga then finally onto decent languages such as C, C++ and x86 assembler on the PC in 1992 after graduating the 2nd time.

In modern times, graspee would like you to think he spends hours in powerful solitude, stroking his beard and writing astounding and amazing code in Haskell, Prolog and Scheme, but the truth is that he's normally to be found bashing out c++ because the parts of his brain he could have used to learn about other languages have been used to store important secret data about pangolins, Dr. Who and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

First becoming aware of roguelikes via either alien contact or nethack on the Atari ST depending on who you believe, graspee has continued to be fascinated by their coarse quantization of time and space. Various diabolical and short-lived experiments aside, graspee has produced three games:

  • splitter 7DRL 2013. The gimmick is that you play a man split into two, so you are playing two roguelike games at the same time, side by side but with a single set of controls. You press left, both @ attempt to go left. This was written in c++ with SDL 1.2 and an 8x8 partially self-made font.
  • sucker 7DRL 2014. The gimmick this time is a vacuum device you can use to suck up or spit out mobs and items. Eschewing the traditional rpg stats and attrition-based combat of his last 7DRL, in this game all mobs have 1 hp and the player has 10. This time it was made in c++ with SDL 2.0.1 with 16x16 sprites.
  • synthesizer 7DRL 2015. The gimmick is that the game appears to be a synthesizer (musical instrument). The gameplay works in gimmicky ways from the tacky "player's hp is called 'main volume'!" to the 'actually this is quite cool and I might use it again' of deterministic damage of mobs and player shown as audio style graphs, and the time system resembling a step sequencer. Unity 5 and C# used this time, but still with 2d sprites that are mostly 16x16.


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