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Feedback for the Guild roguelike.

  • [[User:M|–MT]]:
    • Certain rooms were crafted to be the lair of a specific monster. When I first came upon a spellcaster like this, I was pleasantly surprised (it was as if I had stumbled upon a quest). Making their AI better so that they may employ their surroundings, and making their lair something more than just a rectangular room (maybe a section of the level where their influence can be noticed) would be good.
    • It'd be nice if there was a way to pin down and smack some sense into a party member that was charmed, instead of, well, trying to kill them.
    • Having characters fall unconscious was very unique and exciting. It's the only form of must-deal-with temporary loss that I've noticed in a roguelike, apart from those thieving Nymphs in NetHack. Carrying their body up to the top was always somewhat scary, especially since manpower was reduced. - Also, I would have used sneaking for this more if it didn't make me play around with my lightsources each time. Perhaps something like "you slip your glowing stone into your shirt, and are now sneaking" (after you stop sneaking, you'd have to re-light the lightsource in the usual way)
    • Give me the ability to detect traps, to automatically notify my teammates of something strange on the floor, and to have them walk in my footsteps instead of spreading out and triggering things randomly. To counter this, make traps have harmful (but not auto-death etc) effects, and put them under items and beside doors.
    • Equipping characters is a chore. If you have the characters automatically equip their favorite items, and drop junk, it would be easier to deal with. Letting them choose the best weapon for their class automatically won't ruin any fun - you can see the stats on a weapon by using the party screen, and having to choose the best one is something tedious and annoying. I liked the sensible number of weapons, armors, and classes. It kept me from having to worry about which was better.
    • I think this was mentioned in an rgrd thread, but let the characters each have roles (that don't change unless you change them). A light-load or whatever would avoid picking up items and wearing heavy armor, a carrier would pick up all books, potions, interesting items, etc, balancing out burdenedness with how interesting the items are.
    • Hurt characters should move away from combat. Rogues could automatically go over to pick up gold.
    • I found myself abusing the tavern. My priest had a high charisma and was level 3, and was too easily able to recruit a well-rolled replacement for my rogue.
    • I kept throwing items down on the house's lawn. If it had a bigger backyard (and therefore was closer), with an equipping-room nearer to the door, I'd like that. I had a good fight once with an apprentice. After I killed him, I was quite happy that I could pick up his armchair, and haul it back to the surface as a sort of trophy.